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Farmer In Residency
30 Day Immersive

Perfect for remote working professionals or those looking to get a taste of what living on an off-grid permaculture homestead is all about. The 30 day Farmer in Residency program at Starseed Ranch is an opportunity to truly connect with the land and leave the busy world behind. Stay in one of our eco-cabins built sustainably out of bamboo and reclaimed materials, while enjoying opportunities to volunteer on the farm, participate in weekly workshops, learn in the permaculture gardens, and explore our fruit orchards. Participants can also join in weekly yoga classes, Farm to Table dinners, enjoy farm fresh organic produce from the land and enjoy amenities on our 26 acre ranch.

Session Dates
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Garden & Field Tillage, Cultivation
March 11th & April 1
Optimize your land's productivity with our garden and field cultivation workshop! Learn cutting-edge agroforestry techniques for diversified food forests and how to cultivate the land for optimal production and soil care.
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Propagation & Nursery Management
April 8th & 29th
Learn how to propagate crops, manage seedlings, and save your own seeds. Discover plant propagation techniques in an agroforestry environment, with a focus on native and canoe crops.
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Natural Farming & Animal Husbandry in Permaculture Functions
May 6th & 20th
Enhance your sustainable agriculture skills with expert-led workshops on managing plant pathogens and arthropod pests in the field, and Korean Natural Farming and animal husbandry.
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Irrigation Principles, Transplanting and Direct Seeding
June 10th & 24th
Take your crop production and irrigation skills to the next level with our expert-led workshop! Learn tips for transplanting and direct seeding from HIP Agriculture's Farm Manager, and discover water-efficient irrigation methods with an NRCS specialist.
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