HIP Agriculture Youth Programs

Empowering the Next Generation of Farmers

Committed to educating and empowering the next generation of young farmers and eco-conscious consumers, HIP Agriculture offers a variety of programs designed to engage Hawai'i’s youth in regenerative agriculture, land stewardship, and healthy lifestyles.
Kohala kids working in a lo'i
kids near a kalo patch
Kids at a HIP ag field trip
Explore Regenerative Agriculture at HIP Ag!
We love hosting youth on the land for nature based field trips! Since 2010 we have hosted hundreds of youth. Students absolutely love exploring our farm, engaging in hands-on learning activities, and sampling fresh produce from the farm. Our goal is for the youth to be connected to their food system and understand the value of responsible agricultural practices for future farmers to know that there is a market for their produce and an outlet for their efforts.
We at HIP Ag look forward to engaging your students to increase overall interest in nutrition, health, agriculturally-based careers, Hawaiian culture, and land stewardship. As well as, reinvigorating the camaraderie of group projects and healthy social interactions amongst students.
Our Youth Education Programs
Hands-on learning for K-12 Students
Field Trips
Hands-On Learning with HIP Ag's K-12 Field Trip Program
Experience sustainable agriculture with our customizable workshops! Your students will interact with food crops, learn about Hawaiian culture, and achieve their learning objectives through activities such as farm tours, farm-to-fork experiences, and gardening.
Field Trips
Mahi’ai Summer Internship
HIP Ag's High School Mentorship Program: Launch Your Career in Agriculture
Our Mahi’ai Summer Internship offers KHS students a direct pathway to a rewarding career in agriculture through valuable skill sets and first-hand experiences in modern-day practices.
Mahi’ai Summer Internship