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Inspiring Regenerative Agriculture in Hawai'i

We are a sustainable farming organization in North Kohala, Hawaii that cultivates tropical and rare fruits, traditional Polynesian crops, and market garden vegetables. We offer educational programs and workshops and aim to pioneer a regenerative approach to land stewardship.
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The History and Impact of HIP Agriculture
Regenerative Land Stewardship and Indigenous Wisdom in North Kohala
Hawai’i Institute of Pacific Agriculture (HIP Agriculture) is a conscious movement of inspired individuals living a model of sustainability through direct engagement with the land, providing service to local youth, adults and community. Located in beautiful & historic North Kohala, HIP Agriculture operates a diverse farm that cultivates tropical and rare fruits, Polynesian traditional crops and market garden vegetables. The site serves as an educational farm & ecological learning center for all ages, offering Regenerative Farmer Training Programs, Farm Field Trips, Community Workshops and Farm to School class offerings. Through farming and hands-on education, HIP Agriculture takes a regenerative approach to land stewardship that honors indigenous wisdom, local food sovereignty, and the transformational power of returning to the land.
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Starseed Ranch events
From Youth Program to Sustainable Movement: The Founding and Vision of HIP Agriculture in North Kohala
HIP Ag began as the Hawaii Youth Ag Program (HYAP) under the community non-profit umbrella, North Kohala Community resource center in 2008 led by the young farmers Dash and Erika Kuhr. A few years later, HYAP blossomed into HIP Agriculture and was officially founded in 2011 by a group of six young farmers and educators. The founders were inspired to create an organization that enabled them to share the abundance of food they realized could grow on agricultural lands in North Kohala. A vision was born to share this experience with the greater community in order to improve access, long term security and interest in local healthy foods. HIP Agriculture’s foundation is deeply rooted in the farm. With honor and gratitude, the medium in which we serve lies in the health of the ‘āina, which leads to the health of the people. The farm is a living diverse plant collection with fields of food grown in rows, a nursery and polyculture forests. This bountiful setting serves as the outdoor classroom for youth field trips, farm tours, community workshops, and farmer training.
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Empowering the Community through Education and Sustainable Agriculture
HIP Agriculture's Core Inititives
Kids at a HIP ag field trip
Youth Education Programs
HIP Agriculture's Farm to School Program provides long-term educational experiences for local youth, with the aim of increasing access to healthy, organic food in Hawai'i. Through this initiative, students are taught about the importance of sustainable agriculture, while also developing their knowledge of nutrition and healthy eating habits.
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Hands-on Farmer Training
HIP Agriculture's Beginner Farmer Training Program offers aspiring farmers the opportunity to learn the fundamental skills and techniques necessary to start their own sustainable farm. Through this initiative, participants gain invaluable hands-on experience in all aspects of modern agriculture, from planting and harvesting to marketing and distribution.
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Supporting Local Agricultural Economies
By increasing access to healthy, organic food and providing training and educational programs to the community, HIP Agriculture is helping to enhance the local agricultural economies of Hawai'i. Through its core programs, the nonprofit is committed to supporting sustainable agriculture practices and promoting a healthier, more vibrant community.
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Kohala Food Hub
Empowering Local Agriculture & Nutrition
Building Secure Markets for Local Farmers and Improving Access to Healthy Food in Hawai'i
In response to the Farm to School pilot at Kohala Public School Complex, HIP Agriculture launched the Kohala Food Hub (KFH) in 2019 to aggregate local food to DOE cafeterias and the community at large. Through the KFH, we are committed to working with local farmers to provide secure markets and resources. Our collective goals with the Kohala Food Hub are to increase and improve local procurement by aggregating larger quantities and more varieties of produce, while also supporting small-scale farmers to grow and meet the needs of the community.
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