Supporting the Land & Community

Our Dedicated Team

At HIP Agriculture, we promote regenerative agriculture through education and hands-on experience. Our team creates a sustainable ecosystem at our 26-acre Kohala farm, supporting the land and community.

Special Mahalo

Thank you to all of our past team members who have helped us grow into who we are today!

Maya Parish - Kohala Food Hub Director

Jesse Rubendall - Programs, Marketing & Communications

Briel Johnson - Organizational Development

Lauren Ruotolo - Development Director

Sarah Freeman - Managing Director

Nichloas Logan - Farm Manager

Meg “Sunshine” Roberts - Kohala Food Hub Manager

Megan and Health Emerson - Farm Managers

Aaron Bradley - Farm Manager

Lehua Ahsam - Kohala Food Hub Manager

Gabriela Schneider - Kohala Food Hub Assistant Manager

Lily Nguyen - FoodCorps Service Member, HIP Ag Farm to School Program Leader