A Partnership in Success

HIP Agriculture supports Kohala Farm to School Programs

Offering field trips and in-class presentations through farm to school programs, HIP Ag supports local agriculture by providing processing facilities through the Kohala Food Hub, and works to revitalize the F2S program for Kohala students with innovative educational programs.
Farm to School + STEM-Based Learning
Empowering the Future of Ag Education in Kohala, HI
Inspiring Youth Through Field Trips and Presentations
Our longest running farm to school program has been our field trip programs. We have provided field trips to youth since 2010. In 2017 HIP Agriculture became a partner with Lt Governors Farm to school pilot program in North Kohala, Aina Pono, becoming the first non-profit to provide produce directly to a Hawaii cafeteria as a vendor. Over a three period we provided fresh fruit and vegetables while offering farm to school education to students via field trips, in class presentations and workshops.
Supporting Local Agriculture with Processing Facilities
In 2019, HIP Ag launched the Kohala Food Hub, this project was developed with the goal of serving our local community by providing the local agricultural industry with the necessary means to process their produce for sale and selling to institutions including farm to school. Currently, KFH offers the only community-accessible wash pack/aggregation facility in North Kohala. The food hub also offers refrigeration which provides value-added producers and community feeding programs access to necessary storage. In 2022, HIP Ag will expand the processing capacity at the KFH via additional equipment.
F2S Education
Girl explores the micro world
HIP Ag veggies
kohala food hub facilities
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HIP Ag's Support for the Garden to Cafeteria Program
In 2020 when the pandemic hit, Kohala Complex paused farm to school purchasing. HIP Ag was able to support continued operation of the Garden to Cafeteria program keeping some fresh produce moving into the cafeteria. Since state special funds for F2S had dried up, we were encouraged to pursue Department of Defense vendor status. And we were told a Kohala specific RFP would be offered allowing us to bid on all the fresh fruits and vegetables going to the school complex.
Collaborating with Principals and the West Hawaii Superintendent
Currently HIP Ag is working with all three principals and West Hawaii Superintendent to support, relaunch and invigorate the F2S program and educational offering for students. Goals include development of a Kohala specific menu that meets USDA guidelines, is super delicious, and features the crops that Kohala grows best. Working with DOE to set up new methods of procurement that allow for food hubs and local farm to supply DOE, and innovative F2S educational programs that connect school curriculum to local agriculture opportunities.