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Mahi’ai Summer Internship Launch Your Career in Agriculture

Mahiai Student
Mahi’ai Summer Internship
Mahi’ai Summer Internship

HIP Ag offers a 6-week High School Mahi'ai Mentorship program with the goal of inspiring and educating community members to become farmers and create career opportunities for students entering the workforce. The program provides KHS students with access to valuable skills that are not easily available in the North Kohala community. Led by industry-leading professionals, students gain first-hand experiences and knowledge to prepare them for modern-day agricultural careers. Students engage in an average of 25 hours of hands-on field time each week, taking on responsibilities that include planting, harvesting, processing, and agroforestry & loʻi kalo restoration.

Daily Farm Projects

Interns will engage in hands-on field time for an average of 25-30 hours per week and maintain responsibilities in areas to include, but not limited to: 

  • Planting, harvesting, processing, garden and orchard maintenance (weeding, mulching, watering, etc.).
  • Care for nursery plants and compost system including vermi-culture.
  • Work in Agroforestry fields and lo'i kalo restoration.
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