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Mahi'ai Mentorship at Kohala High School

Our Mahi’ai Mentorship program mentors Kohala High School (KHS) students grades 9-12 on gardening, farming, cooking, and leadership skills. We work with five classes included Natural Resources I & II, Production, Intro to Engineering, and Academy classes. The Mentorship primarily takes place at KHS farm, but incorporates other farm site visits as well. We are working with teachers to build replicable curriculum and infrastructure for on-campus exposure to agriculture and farmer training. We have been supporting the revitalization of the Career Technical Education (CTE) line and its connection to the farm. Starting in 2019, the KHS was chosen as the State's pilot program for Garden to Cafeteria (G2C). For the G2C program we work with students, faculty, and the administration to provide food grown at the HS farm to the Kohala Complex cafeteria. The KHS school’s farm is multifaceted including a market garden featuring kalo and heirloom vegetable varieties, a fruit tree orchard with 50 varietal fruit trees, and animal husbandry including a pig trap and a moveable chicken coop. In 2019 we also helped to add an aquaculture operation which will produce 2,000 lbs of tilapia every 6 months in addition to a new roof for the greenhouse where hydroponics will be taught.

6-Week Mahi'ai Internship

HIP Agriculture invites High School students to participate in our 6-week internship program offering full experiential immersion in hands-on farming experience.

Mahi'ai Internship Overview


To practice and teach ecologically conscious agriculture, empowering individuals and communities to cultivate alternative systems of living that restore human and environmental health.

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