Intern Presentations

Intern Presentations

The HIP Agriculture interns had lots to be proud of during their time here! And to put some of what they've learned on display, they did some presentations on ways they’d like to contribute to the ecologically conscious and sustainability movements.

The first one up was Mary, who, instead of using a slideshow or poster for her presentation, took a unique approach by writing a children’s book (illustrations and all!) about the benefits of healthy eating. Look for it (hopefully!) on bookstore shelves near you.

Next up was Rasheeta, who, hailing from Newark, NJ, would love to bring 5th and 6th graders from the inner city to experience what life on a farm in Hawaii is like. From farming to education, they’d be able to receive a first-hand peek into what it takes to make it all happen.

Stephen has dreams of building a conservatory on a college campus sufficient enough to feed the students, and especially the sports teams, to provide them with the fuel they need to succeed. For those not familiar, a conservatory is a type of greenhouse capable of growing all types of fruits and veggies in a controlled, temperature-sensitive environment.

And for the more fashionable folks out there, Teliece wants to “change the world in style” by creating an eco-conscious clothing line. As she puts it, “clothing is an unsustainable and un-ecological industry. The harvesting of materials devastates ecosystems, the process pollutes environments, uses slave labor, and the finished product becomes a throw-away item.”

Chloe wants to step away from big pharmaceuticals and go back to herbal medicines as a way to treat sicknesses such as cancer, anxiety, and depression. She would love for these herb gardens to be planted near hospitals so that patients may be able to assist with the maintenance.

Overall, there were so many other amazing ideas presented including a biodynamic vineyard which produces wine “that puts you in a regenerative state of mind”, a home-grown garden that uses recycled bike parts as part of its infrastructure, and starting a wellness retreat center for those looking for mental, physical, and spiritual stability.

After all of these presentations, what’s clear is that these interns are here to change the world and we can’t wait to see what they think of next!

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