Cassava Mochi

A sweet treat to close the series - cassava mochi! Guest Chef Jasmine Silverstein joins Erika Kuhr in our final episode to share a simple and delicious dessert using cassava (yuca). Use of this starchy tuberous root cultivated throughout the tropics is a fun and healthy twist on this very familiar dessert in Hawai‘, usually made with rice flour.

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‘Āina Lessons was directed and produced by Maya Parish, produced by Dash & Erika Kuhr, filmed by Jordan Christopher & Easten Tanimoto, & Edited by Jordan Christopher.

Still Photography by: Heather Brovsky

Title Sequence Music by: Paul Izak

In Episode Music by: Paul Izak, Mike Love, Amber Lily, Tubby Love, Drew Daniels, Ydine, OK2Change, Ka‘ahele, Paniolo Prince and his Queen Maile, Tiana Malone Jennings, Noelani Love, Mila Polevia

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