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Student Thoughts

It seems all the United States is buzzing about the recent presidential elections. The results have left us with a lot of questions - “I don’t know anyone who voted for Trump, how could he win?”, “Is he really the better of two evils?”, “Am I going to get deported?”, “Is anyone ever going to take our country seriously?”, “Is this the start of an apocalypse?”, “Did we enter a parallel universe?” A lot of Americans are experiencing a sense of insecurity and seem unsure of what to do about it besides complain. At least, that’s what my Facebook stream is showing me. The crew over at HiP Agriculture has a different take on the news. For them, the election is a call for action. To feast together, to share knowledge, and to dance.

As I awake to a sky filled with whispy clouds kissed pink by peaches and coconut trees bowing a dance in the background, I begin to remember all those things that have awaken me during the past two months that were—how shall I put it—less enjoyable than today. Need I count the retired sleeping pads that deflate slowly but entirely during the night, the cats stomping around my tent like dinosaurs searching for fleeing mice..

It is perhaps one of the most rare occasions when one can go to bed blissfully content and rise the next morning in the same state. We live in a society that is so rich with opportunity; so blessed with abundant diversity and technology that it seems our individual consciousness’s have become anxiously perplexed. Here me now, I am not one to advocate for digressing back to a more simple way of life. There are indeed many things that our species has polluted in our race to develop (no denying our planet is in a state of crisis). However we have also tapped into an incredible amount of knowledge that would be a shame to dismiss for simplicity’s sake. So then the question becomes, how do we progress towards a more peaceful state; towards a life where collectively we can all lie down to sleep and rise in the morning thoroughly satisfied?


To practice and teach ecologically conscious agriculture, empowering individuals and communities to cultivate alternative systems of living that restore human and environmental health.

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